Wellness services

With Ange Massage, discover a haven of softness and luxury while staying at home, in your villa, in your hotel or aboard your yacht.

Your well-being is our top priority. Choose from a wide range of wellness services to meet your needs and expectations.

Treat yourself to a luxurious hour’s well-deserved break with yoga, Pilate or meditation. Our company will regenerate you with new energy thanks to our professionally trained team who will adapt to your level.

We also offer Chinese medicine sessions, hypnosis, Reiki and a sound journey, combined with a high-quality massage. Your vacation will be sublimated, thanks to your unrivalled relaxation break on the Côte d’Azur.

Prestation massage


Inspire yourself with a moment of relaxation thanks to our prodigious massages made to measure by our massage therapists. Ange massage and its professional team invite you on an extrasensory journey for relaxing, sports and slimming massages.

Prestation méditation


Improve your day with daily breathing. Our therapists will take you on a journey out of your comfort zone. We invite you to clear your mind and maintain your intention in the present moment. Accept your inner calm, which will help expand your consciousness.

Prestation yoga


Awaken your body, soothe your mind and open your heart, our certified yoga practitioners will accompany you on your path to awakening. Free yourself from the tensions of body and mind while immersing yourself in a yoga practice.

Prestation pilate


Enjoy taking your time for a moment of physical well-being. Daily Pilate practice will enhance your figure by strengthening your deep muscles. Our wellness experts will adapt the session to your physical condition. Enjoy a moment for yourself, as a couple, with friends or family to improve your physical and sporting condition.

Prestation médecine chinoise

Chinese medicine

Take care of yourself with our traditional Chinese energy methods. This discipline stimulates the energy points of the meridians, working on the physical, emotional and psychological levels. Allow yourself a moment to recirculate the chi energy in your body for your well-being and balance.

Prestation Massage et voyage sonore

Sound journey

Let yourself be lulled by an inner journey where the fusion of massage and the sounds of a sonotherapist will envelop you in a bubble of light. Our two expert therapists will accompany you for 1h30 of tailor-made care adapted to your emotions of the moment.

Prestation Reiki


Relax with our reiki, hypnosis and NLP wellness expert. Close your eyes for 1h30 and let yourself go in the hands of our certified therapist. Reiki is a Japanese energetic approach that aims to restore balance and peace through the reconnection of universal energy.

Carte intervention Cote d'Azur Ange Massage

Our places of intervention

Carte intervention Cote d'Azur Ange Massage

Ange Massage is available all over the French Riviera from Monaco to St Tropez via Cannes in order to remain at your disposal 7 days a week for quality massages where listening, professionalism and discretion will be at the time of the appointment!